The majority of my work is inspired by the combination of natural beauty and
architecture found in the West of England. The abundance, and diversity, of
wonderful places to visit in the West Country, means it is never difficult to choose a
location or appreciate someone else's choice.

Its wonderful to explore places, or revisit old friends, and find a view that captures
the feel of the place. The sort of scene you picture when you close your eyes and
bring the place to mind.

I try to gather as much information as I can about the scene. I take lots of snapshots
and make pencil or watercolour sketches. I also scribble notes ~ colours, lines,
shapes, points of interest, even the smells and noise. It is also nice to research the
location, as in the West Country there are always rich histories and quirky facts
that all add to the way a place is viewed. I love the special stories that lie behind
commissions in particular.

All this information goes onto a 'story board' which is mounted next to my easel.
I prefer to paint in oil paint on stretched canvas. I love the depth and intensity of oils,
and the grain of the canvas.

I add personal touches to all the paintings. The figures are based on real life
people, including family and friends of those commissioning work! Names are also
sometimes snuck in, and pets. I often put myself in a painting, maybe just as a
shadow peeping out of the window of the house I would most like to live in!

An oil painting can take up to six weeks to touch dry, and longer if varnished.

I am so very thrilled when I see people enjoying my work. It is lovely to hear their
memories of places and share a fondness. All feedback is most welcome.